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Monday, September 14, 2009

Christmas Planning

I don't know why, but I always stress over neighbor gifts for Christmas. I just need a little something to give to neighbors and friends who bring us a little something. That shouldn't be so hard, right? One year I made some dill dip mix, another year a package of fudge, this year I'm thinking some spiced almonds. In a cute little cellophane package with a tag like this. Only in Christmas paper. What do you think? I'm already worrying about this and it's the middle of September.


Rachel said...

Super cute!! I love that your planning ahead. I usually like to have all my christmas shopping done by August but that's not happening this year.

For my neighbors I am making loads and loads of my Mom's famous Carmel Popcorn. It looks fabulous all dressed up in a simple bag and bow!

nana rosie said...

I think the almonds are a AWESOME idea.
My favorite, most SIMPLE gift idea, was when I gave my neighbors a really cute square box of tissue(In Christmas theme) from Target. I attached a cute tag, that said: I hope this helps keep the Eben"sneezers" away this holiday!
"Sneezin" Greetings,
from The Tippetts
Our favorite gift from our neighbor gift, was the White Chocolate Popcorn, we fought over that one, right down to the crumbs.

Annie said...

I wish I was your neighbor ;)

Alison said...

Really cute! I am proud of you for planning ahead. I usually wait until the week before Christmas and then stress myself out trying to think of a cute idea.

If you have any more cute ideas, send them my way. It will save me a migraine or two come Christmas time!

Shellie said...

I think thats a great idea, your funny that you are thinking already of that, but I guess you will have the last laught when we are all scrambling last minute trying to put ours together! :)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

You can never go wrong with "Christmas goodies"...neat card, and can I move to the neighborhood?

Not quite there yet... said...

Adorable card!
Great idea to give nuts!
I've even given a tube of cookie dough (I'm not always a crafter) with a note that says, "Everyone needs a little dough at Christmas time!"
Your idea is much more sweet and personal!

Nicole said...

I think it's darling. Your smart to plan ahead. I feel like I leave things until the last minute when I'm out of ideas and out of money. I think this year I might be doing raspberry jam or grape jelly since my husbands aunt is so sweet and has us come pick her raspberries!

Aubrey said...

I worry about the stupid neighbor gifts all year, but don't plan much--just worry because it's so productive. Spiced Almonds are so good--I think that would be a really good one and that tag Chrismtasafied would be perfect. Your stuff is always cute.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I was in the speciality bake shop last week trying to make plans as well. :)

The card is so cute.