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A home is much more than a house built of lumber, brick, or stone. A home is made of love, sacrifice, and respect. We are responsible for the homes we build. We must build wisely, for eternity is not a short voyage. There will be calm and wind, sunlight and shadows, joy and sorrow. But if we really try, our home can be a bit of heaven here on earth. Thomas S Monson

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Sayings

"That gift that costs the giver the least, and is the most priceless to receive, is encouragement."
The Country Sage

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Connie said...

I love the thought! It's so true!
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Beth at Aunties said...

We could all use encouragement! Very good and enjoy a wonderful Sunday!

cindy-todoslosninos.blogspot.com said...

Mimi Sue, you are priceless! Way to go girl!


Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

We just got back for a camping trip over to Flaming Gorge. We took our camper and parked it at Red Cloud Loop and then did some fishing, (not catching) and site seeing all around. We had never been down into the Red Canyon visitors center nor the over looks there. It was beautiful. We pass that way every year when we go to Ft Bridger, but never stop and see the views!
We go to Vernal to the DI there, and Wal-mart.....Temple....fabric...Cafe Rio.......
We live about 12 miles west of Roosevelt, an as you are traveling towards Myton, you turn off where it says Ioka....from there you drive to west to Upalco, which is where we live. We get our mail from Bluebell, but go to church and school in Altamont. Confused? ( I'm smiling)
Enjoy your day