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Monday, June 27, 2011

Look Who's Home!

Margaret Ann is out of the NICU and home with her mommy, daddy, and big brother!

We are so happy!

She's still hooked up to a monitor because she likes to hold her breath every now and then which
scares us all half to death.  Considering her due date is still three weeks away she's doing remarkably well.  She weighs over six pounds now and is just the sweetest thing ever.  Her mommy and daddy are
so happy that their whole family is under one roof. 

We are just so grateful for the wonderful care she received at the McKay-Dee Medical Center
NICU in Ogden, Utah.  It was such a comfort knowing that she was being cared for by such a competent and compassionate staff. 

Thank you again for all the prayers for our family!

You are simply the best!


The Gathering Place said...

Margaret Ann is beautiful! I'm sure your family is so excited (and relieved) to have her home to snuggle and love. Miracles do exist!

GRAMS said...

What a little dolly doll! So happy all is well. Can't wait till you can play again.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh she looks like a precious little doll laying there in her darling sun suit. I am so glad she is well and at home. Her parent's must be so relieved and exhausted. Now maybe they can catch up on some rest and enjoy staying home instead of the hospital.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

PS...Love her old fashioned name.

Scrap for Joy said...

How can anyone look at this precious child and not believe in miracles? She is beautiful and I will pray for continued progress. Congratulations to all!

camp and cottage living said...

What a dear sweet granddaughter. I'm so glad she's home with all that love her.
We had a "premmie" grandchild and he has grown up to be healthy and well.

Susan said...

Your little Margaret Ann is adorable! I am glad she is doing okay!

Diane's Photography said...

Margaret Ann is simply beautiful! So glad all is well, Margaret is healthy. She is just adorble
love ya

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Just look at that little face. what an angel from Heaven!!! So happy for the good news Mimi-Sue!
Mary Lou

annielizabeth said...

The perfectly beautiful bundle of joy is home where she belongs. What a lovely post to stumble upon. She'll be in my prayers.

blessedmom's simple home said...

What a little vision of loveliness she is!! I know everyone is thrilled to have her home.

Kathleen Grace said...

What a perfect, tiny little beauty!
So glad whe is out of NICU and doing well. She is beautiful!

Linda said...

OH she is such a wonderful little blessing...SO precious!

Donna said...

Margaret Ann is beautiful! Happy to hear she is home and all is well.


Gayle said...

Sue - She's so precious! I have a friend who has worked NICU at McKay Dee for years - I imagine she got to know Margaret Ann very well!

Lallee said...

Wonderful news, Sue! Margaret Ann is just beautiful. Loved seeing your visiting grands too. Looks like all had a fun time together.