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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear T Mobile

Dear Mr. T Mobile,

Sadly I must write to you today to tell you our long time relationship is over.  Usually I am a very loyal and supportive individual but you have been neither loyal nor supportive to me so we must call our long and mutually respectful affair to a close.

You see, we have been paying you each and every month a rather large sum of money so that we can be connected to our family, friends, and the world at large.  Unfortunately, when I needed you most, you let me down.

I have spent most of the last three weeks wandering around this beautiful country of ours but you couldn't seem to keep up.  Out of 19 days you spent 17 of them "roaming" which means I couldn't connect to the GPS which we certainly needed since a certain person, who shall remain nameless, refuses to ask for directions.

I also could not download adorable pictures of my precious grandchildren, check my email, read or write blogs, google important information like, do female oxen exist? or the recipe for monkey bread!  In other words for most of our trip your "smart phone" wasn't really very smart at all.  There were several days we were sitting directly under a cell phone tower and still nothing, nada, zilch!  How can this be, Mr. T Mobile?

I know you will understand when I say how disappointed I am in you. You are supposed to make my life easier, happier, better.  Instead you have made me frustrated, annoyed, unhappy.

So so long, adios, happy trails Mr. T Mobile.  As soon as my contract with you is up, our relationship will be over.


Mimi Sue


GRAMS said...

I feel the same but I have one more year on my contract. How much longer do you have? Hope to see you at home sometime if either of us gets home.

camp and cottage living said...

That had to be so...maddening!!
I would be saying good riddance too

Annie said...

I let you down too! Sorry about the Sunday post! I'm a bad blog daughter!

marilynl said...

One word: Verizon