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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fluffing A Nest (or two)

The robins are back!  Which means spring is here!
Soooo happy about that.
It's been an extra long winter here in northern Utah.
I decided the birds needed a little help with their nests with some pretty nesting material.
So I gathered up some yarn scraps and a wire heart thing.

Cut the yarn in 4ish inch pieces and stuffed it in the wire heart thing.

And hung it in the garden.

Not an original idea, of course.  Saw this on Pinterest.

I hope the birds can find it.
If they do we'll have the most colorful nests in the county.


Primitive Stars said...

Yay, good sign to see a Robin now.....Love that idea, I have done it a few years ago, pretty nests indeed, Francine.

The Gathering Place said...

What a fun idea. How' fun it will be o look for the colorful nests.

June said...

You and your neighbors will have the prettiest nests in all of Utah! What a great idea!
sending hugs...

wendy said...

I tried that last year....(can't remember where or who I saw it from)....and gathered up a lot of different interesting colorful things for the birds to gather.
I didn't really SEE if they were used that much.
BUT....it was so fun, I will be trying it again this year.

renee said...

That is a great idea. You can also use your laundry "fluff" that comes from the dryer. I usually stick some in my bushes here and there. I might use the suet cake holder idea though.

Lisa said...

Oh my heck, I LOVE that you did that! You must be the Relief Society President, or Compassionate Service at the very least. I want to be you one day. :) Dare to dream.

Sue said...

Who would have thought to do this....You I guess!! I love this idea....so nice to do for the birds...I'm surprised Martha Stewart didn't patent the idea

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What fun that will be! Let us know if you see any birds flying away with yarn....Happy spring


Honeybee said...

What an adorable idea! We love birds at our house & love collecting vacant bird nests. It's always interesting to see what they used to put their homes together. So going to do this with my girls, thanks for sharing!!