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Friday, October 3, 2014

Peanuts and Crows

One of our little grandgirls grew a peanut plant this summer.
She picked it out at the garden center, brought it home and planted it in a pot, watered it all summer, and last week she pulled it up and look what she grew!
Not usually a desert crop!

I saw these cute crows on Pinterest and thought I should make
a couple.  The undecorated crows are from the dollar store.
Then I just made them hats and necklaces and crowns and signs.
So fun!



The Gathering Place said...

I have some of those dollar store crows, too. Guess I need to fancy them up. Yours look so festive! Your grand daughter's peanuts look fun!

Cranberry Morning said...

Cute little crows!! And darling little granddaughter. :-)

Kathleen Grace said...

How fun to have a crop of peanuts! Good for her for giving it a try:>) Those crows are so adorable all dressed up, love them! Have a great weekend Mimi!

Gayle said...

Are the shells soft when they're harvested? I imagine she'll need to roast them before eating? So interesting and fun for her.

Leslie said...

Wow, the peanut plant is super cool!!! Your crows are delightful ~ happy Sunday

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Now this is something to crow about! LOL...your crows are just adorable. I'll have to check out my local dollar store for some.

How cool to have grown peanuts. Maybe she is onto something even bigger now.

Happy Fall!

Donna said...

Peanuts! What a dear little granddaughter.

I love your crows!