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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cute Cheap Blinds

I just love the look of these window blinds. This one is on the front door and I bought it at Blinds.com. It was about $75.00 with shipping. I needed one for our bedroom exterior door. Since we've been in this house for almost two years now, I thought I should take down the poster board that was in the window and put up something a little more permanent.I just love this look...

So I thought I might be able to make something a little less expensive. I looked all over the place and bought a plain jane straight across the bottom roller blind at Home Depot for $20.00.(They seemed the best quality for the money.) Of course it wasn't the right size so we brought it home and cut it the size we needed.

Of course it was way too long, so we cut it to the length we needed. All of this was done with the rotary cutter.

The very hard cardboard core was now too long so I had to get the mister to come and cut that.

He has waaayyy more strength in his hands than I do.

So now it's the correct width and length.
Then I measured the scallops and had to do some math. The mister was my math advisor too. (I help him spell, he helps me with math) Isn't he the greatest?

It got a little complicated. I think you could probably use a bowl or something and just eyeball it and get it pretty close. That's what I would do if I didn't have the mister around to help me.

The scallops were measured and drawn and then cut with scissors.

Are you still with me? Almost done. Then that stick that stiffens the end that you grab to open and close the blind had to be redone, because it was too long.

So I measured and folded it over and stitched it on my sewing machine. Now there's a place where the stick can be inserted.

Oh Mister, I need help cutting the stick! Aren't you glad you're retired so you can help me with my projects?

Now I need a little trim to finish off the edge. It was really curling so I stuck it down with masking tape.

And glued the trim on with a glue gun. Two yards $2.40 at Ben Franklin.
Ta Da! It's done.

Cute, no? If anyone knows where I can find a puller (a ring attached to a string that's attached to the blind) will you please let me know?

It was pretty easy. I'd definitely do it again. AND I saved more than $50.00 on the project.


GRAMS said...

soooo cute. Come make me some. I need to get back into things now. My July was a real wing ding. If you can crochet, just get a plastic ring and crochet around it and use the ends as your string.
Have a good day. Janis

GRAMS said...


Alison said...

So cute and so creative!!!

Cindy said...

I am so impressed. Your husband sounds so cute. I love helping hubbys. About the ring. Make one yourself!

If was so fun to watch you work process.

have a great day

Oh, I love the whole window - inviting and cozy.


Annie said...

Of course he got out his handy dandy protractor. hahaha I would've eye balled it too! But aren't you glad he's such a perfectionist because it looks fabulous!!!!

Gayle said...

WOW! Looks really good! I'll have to show you the blinds that I made similarly for my living room a few years ago........

(BTW - I like that you found a new use for the metal alphabet stamps! LOL)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Love and just the right style for your home.
could you figure something for a pull with a vintage jewerly, neclace or something????
You know me...gotta be old and glam.

jen said...

That looks very nice!! I love it!!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

"You're killing me Smalls"... A line from 'Sandlot' we borrow around here. This is an amazing tutorial Mimi Sue! I just can't get over it. Love it! And kudos to The Mister for being such a great sidekick on this project. : )
Take care,

Aubrey said...

I love it. You're a genius. I think I might try it on my 84" inch wide windows. I just LOVE 1960's house windows. (Not.) But I think this is something the kids couldn't ruin too quickly. ;) If I need help, I can show up on your porch, right?

I like your ribbon station, too. I have to hide my ribbon, or it gets the same fate as the t.p.

nana rosie said...

Holy cow!...you are pure genuis!! Thank your hubby for doin all that figurin' & stuff for all of us who plan to use this idea!
The blind looks like a pro made-em!
Thanks! Rosycheeks

Anonymous said...

Great job Mimi Sue! All sorts of shapes work--sometimes when doing this project I put pellon\in the back or a light facing...over time the edge likes to curl...

good demo!!!

love, kelee

Aubrey said...

I wish Dan were a leeetle more like your mister, he's always in a hurry. I guess he tries to do jobs right, but somehow something always goes awry. ;)

Scrap for Joy said...

I am bookmarking this post because it's so clear and easy to follow. I am not a fan of (venetian) blinds but I really like the softness of this window shade. Hope I can try it myself! Thanks for visiting Mimi Sue, how lucky that you actually met M.E.! I really miss her magazine!

V and Co. said...

WOAH! what an awesome idea!!!! katie needs something like this in her room! you want to make em for me? haha! ;)
i actually have a friend who used to live in kaysville.
i remember it to be a cute little place.
we have a lot of falling apart barns here, so for now i'm good on the barn wood. but thank you so much for offering! i'm sure if you get a hold of some of that you could make some really great stuff as well!

Kathleen Grace said...

It looks just as good as the $75 one! I have always been a little afraid to get those kind of blinds because I didn't understand how you could trim them to the right width and then what you did with the stick they were on! You just cut it off to the right length? I guess I was always afraid they wouldn't roll up if I messed with them.

Grandma Elsie said...

You could crochet around one of those plastic rings you buy in packs and attach with packing string/ cord and bingo a puller.
Elsie <><