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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Tale of the Shed

We decided we needed a shed to house our extra junk and also because I love little out buildings that can be decorated and played in. So last winter the mister drew up a plan and last spring he got to work.

When people came to visit, sometimes the mister would take them out and let them work on the shed. Especially if they stayed for a week or more;).

We decided to install a french door on the side to let in some light and also because they're cute.
But the wall is shorter than a normal wall so the mister found a door at a salvage yard for $5.00 and a door for free at a window store, took the two apart and made one little door that's the perfect size for our shed.
Here he is installing the door. I don't think he cussed even once. Good job, honey!

We had many discussions about what color to paint the shed. We polled our neighbors, family, and friends. Almost everyone thought we should paint our shed red. We painted it yellow. It matches our house. Plus I have lots of red accessories that you wouldn't be able to see on a red shed.

It's not done. But it'll get through the winter.

It still needs a cupola. This weathervane will sit on top of the cupola.

And we'll install this old window. It goes up over the double doors on the front. I'm looking for another window for the back of the shed for ventilation. We may insulate it a little and put up something for interior walls. Not sure what yet. I'd like to paint the cement floor, maybe checkerboard. Lots of ideas.

It's gonna be so fun to play in next spring.


Annabelle said...

It's a very cute shed. Can't wait to see how you decorate it. I love the part of your post about your husband letting guests work on it..ha, ha! I had a shed at my old house with real windows & window boxes and a trellis with clematis...but no French door!

Cindy said...

Mimi, your so cute, darling shead. I love the barn roof and the french door and the barn front doors, and the gunna be window, and the color, oh, and that you've let everybody be apart of it.


foxxy said...

Wow! Your Mr did a fabulous job! We have a shed just like that. We bought it at Lowe's for big bucks. Yours is so much better because it's customized to suit your needs. I'm loving the door on the side and I love your idea about installing the window over the double doors. I like the way your mind works. Well done!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your shed is WONDERFUL! I just love it. I painted my shed yellow at the house we just sold to match our house too. Then I painted the door red to match the red door on my house. That way I got both the yellow and the red! OH! I I put up black shutters to match the shutters on the house.

Can't wait to see yours all decorated up!

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

(smiling) very handsome shed! It will be fun seeing how you do decorate it. Are you going to christen it? It's going to be far and away to romantic a building to just be called "the shed". LOL I'm a little 'green' here......:-D

Sue said...

The Mister did good...love the little door he installed...It's going to be adorable when it's all finished...especially with the cupola on top...So, you an end seater also...I don't feel so bad now..I'm sure there are millions of us out there....I would die if I had to sit in the middle of a row...Yikes people on both sides as far as the eye can see...No thanks....As for the Blogger convention if I even mentioned it to the husband he'd be over at the huge new Cobb County Convention Center...securing a "date" for the event....He's loves that kind of stuff and for years in NJ and Fla. we put on anitque shows...please I don't want to get him started....Have a good weekend...Sue

Lorilee said...

Wow, great job on the shed! I have a similar shed, but mine was not built from scratch. We bought a Tuff Shed. I pained it to match our house. My sweety built shutters for it. I am still waiting on some shelves though.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

It's a cute shed! We were fortunate to have one that shape on our property when we moved in but it doesn't have a cute door or any windows like yours. Can't wait to see what you do with yours - I need some ideas!


Lallee said...

I am loving your shed. It will be a blast accessorizing it. Not one cuss word installing a door???? I think that is just shy of a miracle for door installations. I don't think Mr. H has ever been able to install a dastardly door without one.

Aubrey said...

I can't wait to see what you so with it. I don't know how you think of all these things--my best idea for a shed was to go buy the Rubbermaid kits at Home Depot. It worked. I saw you cruise by our yard sale last week--too bad Mr D. wasn't home to see the red Herbie. ;)

Gayle said...

Sue - Your shed is going to be spectacular when it's totally finished and decorated! We have an ugly shed in our backyard and it's just used for storing the lawnmower, ATV, and tools - you can hardly get through the door. Yours is MUCH nicer!

Annie said...

The doors look great! Can't wait to paint fun things in there.