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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wonderful Wyoming

This has been our view for the past few days.

We're traveling with some friends that we've known since 1977.

We've been on many adventures with them and their family.

When our kids were little we camped all over
California from Yosemite to the coast.  Now we're
kidless and traveling is just a little bit more relaxing.

We've seen deer and antelope playing  so you know
we must be out on the range. 

These are wagon
ruts made by covered wagons and handcarts by
pioneers who were looking for a new life in the west.

Wyoming graffiti.

More to come.  If at all possible.


Linda said...

That last photo is so funny! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Annie said...

Glad you are finally on the road! Have a great trip! I've updated my blog if you want to check it out! Love you both!!!

The Gathering Place said...

Have a fun time. It looks like a great way to enjoy this lovely fall weather.

Connie said...

Wyoming is NOT my favorite state to travel through. I guess I should stop playing Angry Birds during that time and look for the beauty of that state.
Hope you have so much fun!

Karen Mortensen said...

Those wagon wheel ruts gave me chills. Some of my relatives went through there.

Bayside Gal said...

I've never been that far west so seeing wagon ruts would be a treat for me. So much history and all we have to do is turn a corner.

janis said...

Take lots of pictures for us stuck at home! Be Safe & ENJOY!!!

wendy said...

ha ha...KOW, gotta love it.
how fun that you, as friends, are still traveling,camping, having fun together.
best times ever