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Friday, December 2, 2011

Wild East Wind

Yesterday we had quite the windstorm.

The weatherpeople said we had category 2 hurricane winds.

Kind of unsual for our land locked State.

This is what it did to our patio.

And this is what it did to our neighborhood.

We lost a lot of our hundred year old trees.

Our patio.   (pics are loading out of order!)

The Mister and I spent the afternoon at our friends home.
(Along with lots of neighbors and friends)
We helped them cut up and haul to the front yard
what's left of a huge pine that crashed onto their roof
punching a big hole in a guest bedroom.

Siding and shingles are everywhere.

Fences are down, metal sheds are crumpled, and trampolines are
no longer in the correct backyard.

Our daughter #1 and her little family are staying with us until they get their electricity restored.

We've been so blessed! Our trees have survived, losing only a few branches. 

It's been a wild couple of days here in Northern Utah!


wendy said...

WOWZA...these winds have been awful all over the place.
I think YOURS were even worse then ours.
And...again today, the wind has been blowing like crazy. It is driving me crazy.
Hope everything is restored to NORMAL soon.

Julie Harward said...

I hear you..we lived in Kaysville and every spring we lost a fence and giant trees..and I know this wind was way worse!

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Are ya OK?
Wild. I always get a little winged out when the weather is unusual.
Take care.

The Gathering Place said...

This storm was unreal! My sister in Fruit Heights lost several trees, the top of an arbor, and a bunch of other things. Pretty scary!

Karen Mortensen said...

Wow, what a mess. I hope things get back to normal soon. I guess I should contact some of my relatives to see if they are okay.

Annie said...

It was windy here too but not that bad. Glad your big tree didn't come down. Sorry about your friends house. I loved that tree!

Donna said...

Oh my, how devastating! I'm happy to hear everyone is ok. It's really sad to lose those beautiful big old trees.

Connie said...

I understand the cost of cleaning up the damage is estimated to be over 20 million dollars! We are far enough south that it didn't affect us! Glad your trees survived.

Elizabeth said...

Wow,that does sound like a hurricane! Glad you are o.k.

Diane's Photography said...

HOlly tamolly Sue, such excitment but the wrong kind! I'm so glad there were no people casalties and you are your family are safe. I miss you tons!