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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Metal Cakestands

Do you know how much I love cake stands?  I love cake stands a lot.  I have a large
collection of them and if I ever see one that needs a good home it usually comes home with me.

So, a few months back, I saw this cute idea over at the Pollyanna Reinvents blog.
Instead of pairing glass or ceramic plates with candlestick holders or cups
she paired metal trays with metal stands.

I found some metal parts at the thrift store.

Fifty cents or a dollar each.

I glued them together with E6000.

Painted them up pretty, and there you go.

I'll probably use a doily when they have food on them.

You could color coordinate them for any occasion. 

Go check out Pollyanna Reinvents.  She's got a big flea market event
coming up next weekend called Flea-ology.  Wish I could be there!


Karen Mortensen said...

Those are awesome.

The Gathering Place said...

What a cute idea. I like the blue plate stand. Wouldn't it look pretty with some red strawberries or cupcakes!

Pollyanna said...

I love it, they are all so adorable!! Good Job!

Gayle said...

Cute Sue! Jayna & I are headed to Fleaology for the first time tomorrow - can't wait to see all the goodies! I wonder what we'll come home with?

wendy said...

Those look Great...
I don't own a single cake stand.
Actually...I have NEVER had one.
They really are a delight though...so maybe I should look in to creating one for myself.