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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Summer Dreams

I had a lovely day today. Went out to lunch with some friends and then did a little shopping. We started at Barnes and Noble bookstore since one of the girls wanted to pick up a book she'd ordered. While I was there I strolled over to the clearance table and found a fabulous book called 'Relaxing on the Porch'. Since it had warmed up to 48 degrees today I thought this was appropriate. Can you see the price? $4.98. I'll be gazing at these beautiful pictures while sitting in front of the fire in my long underwear and fuzzy slippers.
I also bought this beautiful magazine. Full of beautiful photography, unlike this blog.


Aubrey said...

*huge sigh* those summery porch scenes look so nice right now. I need to get a porch.

History of the Bullet? --that's funny. Have you ever read Buy Buy Pie on my link list? She's funny and her husband is always watching who documentaries.

Uh, and also can't wait for June to come check out your junque/treasures.

Do it yourselfer said...

You are so funny...i'm still learning to take pics too. i do love me some porches! maybe i'll venture to my nearest B&N.

Lallee said...

That looks like a beautiful book! I wish we had a Barnes and Nobles near by. The photos will be perfect for getting you through the winter. And enough about beautiful pictures--your snow pics are gorgeous!

heather said...

Those look awesome. I love good deals, and I love just browsing through books!

Yes. The fuzzy will clear away and then you'll have more energy than you've had in a long time. At least that was my experience. My "detox" period was horrible! I hadn't only given up sugar, but also most processed foods. I was throwing up every morning and then sometimes in the evening too. It only lasted a month though and then I felt really good! I had energy, my blood sugar problems were gone, even my periods got MUCH better. Now I'm a major kind of health nut & like to talk to people about how much diet changes can change their lives!

Donna said...

I love going to Barnes and Noble and finding great bargain books! I could sit and enjoy that porch book, for sure!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I recently bought that book at B&N too! And I just subcribed to that magazine. I am hoping the spring issue comes out soon.

Lorilee said...

The book looks very inspiring!

Annie said...

One of my favorite things about your house is that there is always a great book or magazine to look at. Those look terrific!


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GRAMS said...

I love it. Did you notice if they had more that one book? I NEED it. Janis