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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun With Gram and Sue

My new friends Gram and Sue decided we needed a little retail therapy in between snow storms, so today we went to lunch and then headed over to a cute shop in Roy called Re Creations. (for you local girls it's on Main St.) The owner was there and was as nice as could be. I wish I'd gotten her name. She wouldn't let me take her picture because she had no make up on and was getting her eyebrows and hair done today. But we took a few pictures of her fabulous creations. Yes, those are two chairs hanging from the ceiling with faux greenery and a clock. She had lots of linens...
She takes old oak furniture and paints and antiques them, then puts them in her shop and they are flying out the door. That's Gram and me and Sue in the mirror.

She had a ton of these benches. They are made from a bed's headboard and footboard. The footboard is cut in half and makes the arms of the benchs. She then makes a cushion and attaches it to the bench.

This was a combination of an old door, a footboard, and various hooks and hardware. How do I turn this picture?? Where's my 5 year old neighbor when I need him?

The prices were reasonable and in the back she has a few booths she rents out. Fun, fun place. We'll be going back soon.


nikkicrumpet said...

JEALOUS...I'M SO JEALOUS! What a fun trip that must have been...and what a cool shop! Those benches are adorable...but that door/chair thingie at the end...I SO NEED THAT FOR MY PORCH! I guess my next trip home to Utah is going to include a trip out to Roy!

lili11 said...

Oh my ... so lovely! And so attractive. The next time you go back, I'm sure you'll take lots of money with you. There are a few things I want for myself ... Blossom Blooms

Lorilee said...

That shop looks like a dream come true! I love the re-purposing!

Mercy Ottis said...

Again? Without Me? LOL. Love the pictures! As I was looking at each one, I said "I have to have that..." then I scrolled down and oh my, "I have to have one of those as well..." scroll down again, "wait, I need this too!" I love the black corner bench. I think it was screaming my name! How do you know about these places? Oh dear, I do live out in the sticks....♥ Lewaina
Oh, I forgot to answer your question... there is a DI, in Vernal, 50 miles away.....there is one in Price also, I think 65? or 70? miles away.

Aubrey said...

that place looks awesome--i think i've seen the outside too, if it's the store near the freeway onramps and it's right on the sidewalk. i so have to go there, soon. without little monster wreckers

Sandy Toes said...

OH MY goodness...I love everything...where do I begin..the pillows....the benches..the headboards..oh my! What a shop of dreams!
-sandy toe

Beth at Aunties said...

What an adorable place to shop! It looks like a trip up north is coming soon...now who to take with me?

Thanks for sharing!


Susan said...

I would love to visit that shop! She really has clever ideas!

Lallee said...

What a fun day! It looked like my favorite kind of outing with girlfriends. Thank you for sharing all the pics so we could see too!

Ginger said...

What a cute shop that is, wish we had something like that in Cedar.
I saw on the news you were getting slammed with the current storm, we just got a little bit of it last night.

Angie said...

That is my kind of store! Love all the stuff in the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Now WHAT state is this wonderful store in? OMG--I would go NUTS shopping in that place! I love her furniture redos--those benches are darling!

You gals looked so cute in the mirror--I wish I was in the shot with you, cuz I need some retail therapy, too!

Have a great week! Dana

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Mimi Sue,
That is such a neat store.
Don't you just love to find places like this!!!! I am so jealous. LOLThis owner seems to be so talented.

Annie said...

Oh, cute shop. You will have to take me there. I need those cute green headboards for the girls room!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Such cute stuff. I'll have to stop by sometime. My favorite was the bed frame.

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