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A home is much more than a house built of lumber, brick, or stone. A home is made of love, sacrifice, and respect. We are responsible for the homes we build. We must build wisely, for eternity is not a short voyage. There will be calm and wind, sunlight and shadows, joy and sorrow. But if we really try, our home can be a bit of heaven here on earth. Thomas S Monson

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Sayings

"The flag of the United States has not been created by rhetorical sentences in declarations of independence and in bills of rights. It has been created by the experience of a great people, and nothing has been written upon it that has not been written by their life. It is the embodiment, not of a sentiment, but of a history."
Woodrow Wilson


Donna said...

Very nice.

~~Carol~~ said...

Lovely photo! Happy Flag Day Eve!

Brenda said...

Happy Flag Day tomorrow! I love your wool embroidery--so cute!

Have a Happy Sunday!

PS. Come join the fun! I am having a giveaway! :)

Love, Brenda

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Awesome words of wisdom, Mimi, thank you for sharing.Love the photo.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Amen! Well said President Wilson. Have a lovely flag day.