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A home is much more than a house built of lumber, brick, or stone. A home is made of love, sacrifice, and respect. We are responsible for the homes we build. We must build wisely, for eternity is not a short voyage. There will be calm and wind, sunlight and shadows, joy and sorrow. But if we really try, our home can be a bit of heaven here on earth. Thomas S Monson

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Love

With loads of love from Mimi's Cottage.


Julie Harward said...

I love your loads of love...I want to just come to your home and look! Love the ones hanging from your Chan. and the big hearts banner too :D

Linda said...

Charming photos, Mimi...looks so festive around your house!

Kathleen Grace said...

Adorable! I love that heart garland on your door half to pieces! Everything is so pretty:>)

Lallee said...

I love them all!

Connie said...

Cute decor for Valentine's Day! I need to learn some lessons from you. The only thing I have for decorations is the red bracelet I'm wearing!

acorn hollow said...

you decorations are lovely.

Sunny simple life said...

Darling and I know I probably already told you this but your header is so cute!

Brenda said...

I love the touches of RED. Thanks for sharing, love it all!

Thanks for following Sew A little Happiness!

Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Love all your "Valentine Love" photos, Mimi!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

I'm of the same mind as Julie! (maybe she and I can get together and have a tour!) lol
I do LOVE that red door! And tell me, are any of the hearts hanging from that beautiful chand. mercury glass? Love your love!

LOVED the quilts! All that embroidery!
It was unreal! All the quilts were so nice. How cool that you get together and have done so for all these years to quilt! Wow if walls and quilts COULD talk huh! lol
Enjoy your weekend!

Glacier Dreaming said...

Would like to walk through your cozy looking home.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

mimi, your home evokes true love! so sweet and so pretty with all of the hearts!! like kathy, i love the heart swag! just too cute!!!

Happy Valentine's day, sweet lady!


Loree Clary said...

Love the photos and the colorful way you decorate. Beautiful!!!

Robyn said...

I love this display mimi!