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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow Jealous!

A big thank you to the blogs from Southern California, Florida, South Carolina and other warm places for showing the
beautiful blooms that are showing up in your gardens.  Well, I just thought I'd show you what showed up
in my garden last night.  Don't be jealous!

I know!  Aren't we lucky?  You girls in your flip flops should
spend one moment tomorrow thinking of us northern girls who are
still in their wool socks and boots.  And share some more of your pretty
flower pictures with us!  We'd sure appreciate it!


Vintage Gal said...

Oh no more snow flowers? We finally cleared up a bit here in Ontario but we are expecting rain and sleet. Yippy ;-)

Susan said...

Mimi the honest truth is I am jealous! I miss the snow!!

Donna said...

Mimi, your snow is beautiful! A white garden!


The Gathering Place said...

Amen! We really got hit by the snow this time. I sure am ready for spring blossoms!

Julie Harward said...

Oh yes...snow...I am so tired of winter...tie for a massage and a pedicure! ;D

Sunny Simple Life said...

Holy cow it is like a blanket of white. Sure is pretty but I guess you are ready for some color. Funny though I did wear flip flops today.

Lorilee said...

I would be jealous if it was December or January. Since it is March, I am thrilled with my warm weather. Now, when the 100 degree summertime gets here, I will be singing a different tune.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

OK Mimi Sue! Get your own flip flops out and polish up your toe nails and PRETEND..... it's...um..
....warmer! lol
We got snow as well, but oh to my delight, not as much as YOU! But alas, you will warm up for keeps there sooner than we will here....so I guess the jokes on my after all! ;-) But hey, I've been wearing my flip flops for two weeks! SOmetimes I even wear them out of the house! hehehe
The snow did look beautiful though.
"the march wind doth blow and we shall have snow, and what will the robin do then poor thing? He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm and hide his head under his wing, poor thing"!
How did RS go? How was your lesson on SUnday?

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It does look beautiful Mimi Sue!! I'm not in flip flops yet though. It's still a little colder than that here in the high desert :-) I did do some planting this weekend though.

Linda said...

It IS pretty, Mimi...although headed my way tonight...

Lallee said...

Oh goodness. I would not survive! I whined about winter this year living in Florida. I wish I could pack up some early spring to send to you.

Aubrey said...

Ha--I loved itwhen Better Homes and Gardens told us to start weeding. Sure--I'll get right on that. Except, if you're planning on moving do you still have to weed? ;)

Cathee said...

Seriously! I would love to have that show up in my backyard!!It will get way to hot here real soon and that looks refreshing!HUGS!!love the blog and your sense of humor is great!
Cathee..from hilton head island SC!!